Synthesis Sales

Synthesis offers services on essentially anything you can think of in relevant content, even though it may not be listed. If you have any questions, or special requests, you can always add Nova#1793 on Bnet and I’d be happy to help you out.

All of our Raid Loot packages feature Master Loot and we never take more than one armor or token type into the same run. Buyers will be entitled to all loot drops that are not considered raid upgrades for Synthesis. This is industry standard and absolutely non-negotiable – we will not sell you the loot we need but if we offer a package it means we need very little loot.

Raid Packages

  • Mythic ToV – 2m
  • Mythic Helya – 1.5m
  • Heroic 10/10 – 900k
  • Heroic 9/10 – 750k
  • Heroic Gul’dan ONLY – 150k
  • Heroic Per Boss (Not Gul’dan) – 100k


Our Dungeon Packages are restricted to Personal Loot drops. Master loot options are available as well as buying a piece individually, but this will cost extra.

Dungeon Packages

  • Mythic+0 10/10 Run – 200k
  • Mythic+0 – 30k per dungeon
  • Mythic+2-9 – 10k per lvl of key
  • Mythic+10 – 100k
  • Mythic+12 – 150k
  • Mythic+15 – 250k*
  • Nightbane Mount – 150k


We have both set prices and a new bidding system. You can use the bid form to put in an alternate amount if you’d like to negotiate a price with us.¬†Alternatively, you may also add Nova#1793 directly to Bnet to discuss a purchase or it’s price.

*= Price varies on a number of things including whose key is used and how many dungeons are run to complete the 15

Static Pricing Form

The Bid System Form